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Premium Beverages Marketing provides market-entry services for US craft spirits brands in Japan. 

Through a wide range of channels–from trade shows to direct sales, and presentations to spirits distributors–we can get Japanese consumers tasting your spirits, Japanese bartenders serving your spirits, Japanese liquor stores selling your spirits, and–with a great product and a little luck–Japanese distributors moving your spirits by the truck load.

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Premium Beverages, Inc., was founded in 2012 with one product and a lot of gumption. In the first two years, we spent 70% of our startup capital on product and the remaining cash making all our mistakes. With no more startup capital to burn, we had to find the most efficient ways to promote and generate sales to keep the company afloat.

We have packaged all that knowledge and experience into Premium Beverages Marketing to do the same for your brand at a fraction of the cost and time. 

We support your brand with the following services

Product evaluation

Tokyo Whisky and Spirits Contest entry

Whiskey shows

Free (product + shipping)

$500 per SKU


Send us some product and we’ll do some foundational; consumer/market research on taste, packaging, price and overall marketability.
The TWSC provides an amazing opportunity for new brands to gain recognition that can enhance their image and lead to new market opportunities.
Japan’s whiskey shows are hybrid consumer/trade shows that allow direct sales to consumers. They are wild affairs with 4000 to 5000 die-hard spirits consumers, bar owners, bar tenders, and buyers of all stripes.
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Magazine advertising

Bartender’s association events

Sales presentations (to wholesale buyers)

From $1000

From $1000

$500 per presentation

The value of magazine advertising is not in the ad itself (which gets little response) but is in the credibility that it creates when presenting to buyers or used in online advertising.
Getting your product in front of the bartenders in the trenches and educating them on your product and how to consume it is a sure way to get immediate traction with on-premise outlets.
For distillers who are looking for a silver bullet, we can put your product in front of larger distributors in the hopes that they will become the sole distributor in Japan.
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On-line sales placement

Order fulfillment services

$250 per SKU

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Put your flagship product online right now.

Your product gets warehoused locally and delivered by us while you manage the income stream.

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