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The retail prices are very high on some of these products, so these are very good good purchases. 

They are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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Huckleberry Vodka

Vodka Tonic VERY popular at advertising seminar in Shibuya. American huckleberry flavor.


40% ABV

¥2480  (MSRP ¥4880)

Bozeman Whiskey. No age statement (NAS). 

Very low price for whiskey, good for cocktails.

40% ABV

¥2480  (MSRP ¥4880)

These beautiful bottles look great on the shelf, and they are good for a wide range of FRUITY COCKTAILS

Black vodka has no flavor, but is great for making DARK cocktails. the flavored versions are Horse Radish, Cucumber, and Lavender. NOTE: Horse Radish? May be spicy. 

40% ABV

¥2880  (MSRP ¥4980)

8 Year Bourbon! Made by Susan Johnson, one of the few (but growing number of) female distillers

52% ABV

¥2980  (MSRP ¥7880)

Cactus based tequila, and wheat whiskey. A unique experience.

From left to right: Cactus 41.8% ABV 750ml, barrel aged cactus 43.3% 375 ml ABV, cactus 40.2% ABV 375 ml, wheat Whiskey 41.1% ABV 750 ml..

¥2280  (MSRP ¥3880) (375ml)

¥2980  (MSRP ¥7880) (750ml)

Very high end products. The absinthe retails for 18,000 yen! 

From left to right: Curacao 40% ABV 750ml, Apple Jack 40% ABV 750ml, Creme de Violette 30% ABV 750ml, Redux Absinthe 65% ABV, 750ml

¥2880  (MSRP ¥4880 – 17080)


High-end Rye (left) and Bourbon  (right) whiskey, double port barrel aged. Quite an experience. Retails for 12,000 yen.

50% ABV

¥2880  (MSRP ¥11,980)

A low-price gin, good for cocktails.


40% ABV, 750ml


¥2280  (MSRP ¥3880)

Fernet (left) and Rum (right) from a very small distillery that makes unique creations using ancient recipes. The fernet contains herbs that may not be allowed in Japan. The rum is spiced rum aged in bourbon barrels. A unique drinking experience!

(For personal use only. )

Fernet 35.5% ABV 750ml
Rum 48% ABV 750ml

¥3480  (MSRP ¥5880)

This distiller likes the 375ml bottles. Their whiskeys are bright and flavorful. 

From left to right: Rim Fire mesquite smoked Texas Single Malt Whiskey 43% ABV, .44 Rye Whiskey  47% ABV, .36 Texas Bourbon 48% ABV.

¥2280  (MSRP ¥3880)

Rock Town’s reputation came to Tokyo from the U.K., but the whiskey is made right in USA. 

Left to right: Single Barrel Bourbon 57% ABV, Arkansas Bourbon 46.5% ABV, Arkansas Rye 46.6% ABV, Arkansas Hickory Smoked Whiskey 45.6% ABV

The hickory is a different type of smoky, and quite entertaining. 

¥2480  (MSRP ¥7880 – 9880)

This rare brandy is infused with Cherry and Matsutake mushrooms. Quite a different experience. 47% ABV. 375ml

¥2880  (MSRP ¥4880)


This brand comes in bar-tender friendly bottle built to pour!

They are one of the oldest craft distillers in the US (license number in the low 500s).

The products are rumored to be served in Las Vegas. 

Left to right: Whiskey 40% ABV, 375ml, Whiskey 40% ABV 750ml, Gin 40% ABV 750ml

¥2480  (MSRP ¥4880)

Old Tom Gin recipe comes from the early 1900s (before Prohibition) and uses natural Juniper from Montana. 

 ¥2500  (MSRP ¥4980)

Kansas Tote Bags for Ladies

These sturdy yet elegant tote bags with the Kansas Clean Distilled Logo will be popular with the ladies.

¥410  (MSRP ¥980)