Take the Plunge

Once you have received our evaluation and have decided to go further, you can Take the Plunge. (If you haven’t received an evaluation, go to Start here.)

The Plunge is  a two-year commitment to market building. In short, you make a two-year exclusive sales contract for Japan with Premium Beverages, with a one pallet minimum sales. We then do select marketing and sales activities (see below). put your brand in front of potential distributors. Our goal then is to make a one-year exclusive sales contract with a Japanese distributor, with a two-pallet minimum. This involves a suite of promotional activities that we can take to get your brand started with the ultimate goal of establishing an exclusive distributor.

These services are designed to 

  • get sales started
  • establish a brand presence
  • build social credibility
  • demonstrate proof-of-concept to distributors and retailers
  • and, get a distributor to carry your product

Here is how it works:

  • We sign a two-year exclusive contract for sales rights in Japan, one that requires annual purchases of at least one pallet of your product
  • We work out a marketing plan for your brand that includes some mix of promotional activities–such as trade shows or consumer tastings–advertising, and other activities. There is a fee for each of these services that range from $500 to $1000 at the low end to $2500 at the high end. 
  • You provide a minimum stock volume on consignment to use for samples and tastings, and to fulfill orders from consumers, bars, and restaurants. A minimum stock is 10 to 15 cases.
  • The revenue from sales of the minimum stock will be used to cover import taxes, sample creation and shipment, and other related activities.
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Liquid to Lips

Do consumer and trade events big and small

Whiskey distributors in Japan


Put your product in front of the big buyers


Driving awareness online and off

Not for you?

A third option

If a two-year exclusivity deal is too scary ….. ,

let’s talk about a different plan.

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Why are there not more US craft spirit brands in Japan?
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