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Product offer

What could be better than a shot of good ol’ American bourbon, whiskey or rum to celebrate the end of another long, hot summer?

Tokyo-based Premium Beverages imports top-quality US craft spirits to Japan, including:

Richland Rum, from Georgia;

Colkegan single-malt whiskey, from New Mexico;

Garrison Brothers Single-Barrel bourbon, from Texas;

and Kansas Clean Distilled whiskey, from Kansas;

(More spirits from more states arriving soon!)

All our products have fascinating back-stories, and are available right here in Tokyo.

Buy directly from us at:

For more information, please visit:


Richland Rum

Smooth-as-silk demarara rum, made from Georgia sugar cane

Garrison Brothers Single-Barrel bourbon

A dark, rich bourbon, heat-forged in the scorching Texas sun

Colkegan single-malt whiskey

Made from malted barley, smoked over mesquite wood

Kansas Clean Distilled whiskey

Smooth and light un-aged whiskey with a hint of vanilla, from the Midwest plains

6-14 Ishijima

Koto City, Tokyo




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