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The Tokyo Whisky and Spirits Contest (TWSC) is Japan’s only international whisky and spirits contest. The TWSC provides an amazing opportunity for new brands to gain recognition that can enhance their image and lead to new market opportunities. In 2021 there were 444 submissions by 109 distillers from 20 countries, and more than 200 Japanese whisky sommeliers judged the spirits. Competition was stiff, with Japan’s world renowned distillers and many of the world’s top producers competing. However, the Japanese judges recognize quality when they taste it, as shown by the medals earned by US spirits including–Richland Rum of Georgia (silver), Sagamore Spirit Rye – Cask Strength (silver), and Sagamore Spirit Rye – Double Oak (silver, and Best of Category) from Maryland.

Next year’s winner could be you.

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Next year’s winner could be you.

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